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Family Farms

Helping to Keep Farms in the Family

Ken Nesbitt’s background includes over 30 years’ experience in the financial services industry with a special expertise in Retirement, Succession and Estate Planning. Over the past several years Ken has helped many farm families in planning for their succession and retirement goals.

We will help you resolve key issues when planning your goals, namely:

  • Transfer of ownership
  • Transfer of control
  • Providing security and successful transition to retirement
  • Help answer questions related to overall financial implications
  • Develop a strategy for equal vs. equitable treatment of all siblings

It takes a team to develop a successful plan, therefor we would be available to work with your other professionals you may be currently using.

CAFA - Canadian Association of Farm Advisors

Ken Nesbitt is a certified Member of CAFA, which is the nationally recognized organization for professional farm advisors. CAFA advisors maintain high standards while continually increasing farm advisory skills and knowledge intended to provide measurable value to their farm clients.

Why Ken became a Certified Member of CAFA:

  • Establish his professional credibility at a national level with clients based on the unique combination of skills, knowledge and experience he has acquired.
  • Formally recognizes the specific farm expertise he has gained in his practice.
  • Verifies the skills and knowledge he needs to provide farm advice.
  • Allows access to a growing network of farm professionals. Certified members gain opportunities to connect with others in their field through invitations to local chapter meetings and provincial conferences.

Ken is also a current member and board director for the local Perth/Huron Chapter of CAFA and meets monthly with other local members to continue to learn more ways to better serve this industry.