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Our Philosophy

Our Mission Statement:

“To be the most important financial advisors in the lives of our clients. To be the most respected financial planning firm in our community. We will not be satisfied until our clients are.”

Our clients know what is best for them. Our role is to understand our clients’ goals and introduce the best products in the market that fit those goals. We believe that the financial plan is the first step and that products are then selected to fit that plan. The plan includes taking inventory of what you have now and forecasting the future value of your investments. Together we determine what is required in the future, and build a financial plan to reach your goals. Nesbitt Financial Strategies Inc. works with you to make your plan flexible, market competitive and tax sensitive.

Our Services:

Our firm was designed to provide a broad range of financial services. We offer you advice in both risk and asset management.

Risk management covers a wide range of insurance products. If you require life insurance, disability benefits or group coverage, we can help you find the solution that is right for you. If you have money to invest, our asset management experience will serve you well. In this area we deal with guaranteed products and mutual funds*. These products allow us to help you with your savings, RRSPs , and ultimately your need for RRIFs.

We were very careful with the companies we chose to work with. We looked at their creativity, service and financial stability before we agreed to use their products. The variety of companies and products allow us to custom tailor solutions for your needs.

*Mutual fund products are offered through Manulife Securities Investment Services Inc.

Ensuring Excellence

To be assured of excellence you should choose a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) as your financial planner.

All Members are bound by CFP's Code of Professional Ethics which guides our financial planning professionals in their obligation to provide sound financial advice and to maintain high standards of technical competence, morality and integrity.

A Practitioner Member is a personal financial planning practitioner who:

has attained an academic or professional standing recognized by CFP.
is currently practicing financial planning and has been engaged regularly and continuously in the practice of financial planning for at least two years immediately prior to his or her application to CFP
has demonstrated competence in the practice of personal financial planning by submitting an appropriate financial plan
has been sponsored for membership by at least one CFP member in good standing, and two professional references, both of whom are employed in the financial services industry, and neither of whom is employed by the same company
maintains 30 hours of continuing education each year
carries appropriate Errors and Omissions Insurance coverage.

Qualifying for Practitioner membership in CFP and obtaining and maintaining the CFP - Certified Financial Planner designation are not easy tasks and require continuing education. Those who have done so set the standard of excellence in a fast-growing profession whose members bear a large share of the responsibility for the financial future of thousands of Canadians.

By choosing a Member as your financial planner, you are promoting these standards. You will have the  satisfaction of knowing you are dealing with an individual who has achieved the profession's most meaningful distinction.