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Our 6X6 Promise

We believe that a financial plan should give you a method to meet your objectives. To help you, we pledge to follow the six steps as they are outlined by our professional association. We also want to provide answers to these six important questions. What you can conceive and believe, you can achieve.

  1. Clarify your present situation.
  2. Identify both financial and personal goals and objectives.
  3. Identify financial problems.
  4. Provide written recommendations and alternative solutions.
  5. Implement the right strategy.
  6. Provide periodic review and revision.
  1. What will happen to your family if you die tomorrow? A year from now? Ten years from now?
  2. How will you build a retirement income that you and/or your spouse can't outlive?
  3. If you can plan to leave your principal to the people you love, how will you do that with minimum of taxation?
  4. How will you educate your children or your grandchildren?
  5. Who will provide for the last five years of your parents' lives? How will you provide for the last five years of yours?
  6. Consider the institutions that have intervened in your family's life. Would you leave them meaningful legacies if we could figure out highly tax-efficient ways for you to do so?