Fritz and Nesbitt Financial

Happy Retirement Wishes to Fritz Steigmeier!

After a successful and noble career spanning over 40 years, as of April 1st Fritz has officially retired!

To ensure continued financial guidance and support to Fritz’s clients, effective April 1, 2024, Fritz Financial Planning will become part of Nesbitt Financial Strategies Inc., giving client’s access to an entire team of local, trustworthy professionals.

“Thank-you again for the trust and confidence you placed in me over the years. I wish happiness and prosperity to all of you in the future. Warm regards” - Fritz

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Succession or sale: A workshop for farmers in transition

Succession or sale: A workshop for farmers in transition

It is hard to know where to start when considering selling a farm, or creating and implementing a succession plan. If you are considering either you won’t want to miss our insightful workshop led by our panel of experts - and our hot buffet lunch.


Nesbitt Financial Strategies Inc. invites you to attend a workshop that includes one on one time with an entire team dedicated to helping you and your farm family prepare for succession or sale.

Cost: $100 per family.

Some of the questions we plan to answer are:

  • How do I get started? – Who should I talk to first?
  • My kids say they are ready, but I don’t think I am. Where do we go from here. Can they afford to buy the farm?
  • How can I make things fair with my off farm children.
  • How can I manage having difficult conversations without upsetting people in my family?
  • What’s the best way to sell it?
  • Will my income go down if I sell it?
  • How do I protect the value of my wealth if the farm is sold?

Space is very limited, register today!

* Required